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Special competences

Special competences
The board of DLDP has defined the following areas as "special competencies" in relation to supporting the process of capacity building of political parties:

  • Policy development
  • Communication
  • Local organisation
  • Youth wing party

Policy Development
As former goverment party and strong opposition, Venstre has a solid experience with formulating policies and goals which are specific, realistic and  implementable.

Venstre is specialised in communication of political messages, rhetoric, messaging, packaging, use of new media, etc.

Local organization
Venstre is present in almost all of Denmark's municipalities. The party has a strong tradition of establishing and managing effective party organization with strong roots in local communities. 

Organised youth wing
Venstre has a strong and committed youth wing Venstres Ungdom (VU). VU was established in 1908.