Venstre - DLDP


Danish Liberal Democracy Programme


Venstre - The liberal party of Denmark currently holds 47 seats in the national parliament of Denmark and is the largest party in the country.  At the moment, party is in the opposition after a period of ten years as head of government.

Venstre is a liberal party emphasizing individual freedom, free markets and liberalization of business. The party sees responsibility of the individual and joint responsibility for society and for each other is a precondition for freedom.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen (MP) is the President of Venstre. 

was founded in 1870 by a federation of various Venstre groupings in the Danish Parliament. This makes Venstre the oldest political party in Denmark. Venstre represented in the provincial assemblies at the beginning of the 19th century and in the first directly elected parliament in 1849. 

Key issues
Venstre believes that participation in a legally binding international community and cooperation with other nations will ensure that Denmark says a free and independent country.

The party works to devlop open societies, through free communication, trade and movement across og people and ideas across borders. Venstre considers free trade and fair competition as the best means to generate higher wealth. 

Venstre's economic policy aims for a stable and sustainable growth of employment. The party believes that economic policies should build on four corner stones:

  • low inflation rate
  • low interest rates
  • fixed currency rate
  • sound and stable public finance.

The party also works for a gradual lowering of the tax burden. Read more about Venstre's policy here

International involvement
Since the early 1990's, Venstre has regularly been involved in activities aimed at strengthening democracy abroad. Venstre has undertaken a number of projects financed by "Demokratifonden." In this way, Venstre has contributed to capacity building of politicians in the Baltic countries and other countries in Eastern/Central Europe.

SILBA (Support Initiative for Liberty and Democracy) was founded by Bertel Haarder (MP for Venstre) in 1995. SILBA has become a cross-political organisation and is now focusing on activities in Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and Russia (Kaleningrad). A number of members of Venstre are still actively involved in the work of SILBA.

The party has two members of the Europan Parliament who have joined the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

Read more about Venstre here.